About Us

Being a new parent can be so daunting that sometimes we just need a little twinkle of magic to help us along the way. At Fresh Faces 2 U we hope to be able to help you with lots of hints and tips to make the most of being a parent. From new born babies to older kids, we have some great tips to help you through the hard times of parenting.


Born from experience, we have an amazing team of writers who contribute to this blog and can offer some real world parenting advice. We do ask though, when it comes to anything medical, or anything that doesn’t seem right with your little one, do ask an expert for advice. Dr Google isn’t always the answer – your family doctor or paediatrician has far more experience and advise that is relevant to your particular situation. They know your family history and your baby nearly as well as you do. So please, if in doubt, talk to an expert.


In the meantime, we hope we can provide you with a bunch of information that will make your life a whole lot easier. If you would like to contribute with some advice or handy tips, please don’t hesitate to contact us.