Parenting- A Joyful Experience

When a man and a woman decide to start their life together as husband and wife, they are well aware that soon a family will follow. For most people, married life is not whole without a child that completes a “family”. However, after the baby is born the new parents are at their wits end, struggling to raise the child. Suddenly the joy of child birth gives way to anxiety and apprehension related to their baby’s upbringing.

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Relax! It is not as tough as it seems. If you want to be good parents, then some basic lessons in parenting will steer you through this dilemma. The secret of good parenting lies in the fact that parents are child’s best friends and companions. If this is kept in mind, then half the battle is won. To understand a child’s mind, be like one. This will help you analyze their whims and fancies.

Babies need a lot of attention from the parents, as they try to adjust to the outside world, having just left behind their secure space – mother’s womb. It is a good idea to let the baby have the same comfort and security, when you hold it close to you. This gives a sense of relief to the baby, knowing that it is in a comfort zone, with someone to take care. For a healthy growth of the baby, it is essential that it gets good sleep and rest. It is very easy for a baby to fall asleep.

Nevertheless, a warm bath, a good massage, dim lit room and a proper feed induces that much needed sleep automatically. So give your baby a warm bath that will soothe the baby and encourage it to sleep. Soft music playing in background or a lullaby also does the trick.  A gentle body massage helps to relax the baby’s muscles and limbs, which facilitates a good sleep.

Another important thing is feed the baby well before sleep. A well fed baby is a happy baby. Do not over feed the baby as it may cause discomfort or reflux. Once you are done with the feeding, hold the baby up and gently stroke its back till it burps. This will eliminate any air bubbles or colic. It is essential to burp the baby during the feed, as well as after the feed.

A good parent is not necessarily a strict parent or vice versa. Cater to your child’s needs and wants, but do not pamper them to a limit that may spoil them. Do not indulge too much and cultivate the good habit of eating wholesome, home-cooked, nutritional food. Healthy food leads to healthy body and mind. Monitor your child’s weight, height, etc in order to ascertain proper growth. A periodic visit to the pediatrician or community health nurse will erase all your doubts about the little one’s well being.

Be a friend to your child and not a task master. This will ease the barrier in the parent-child relationship and your angel will be ever willing to share his or her problems with you. It will give a platform for communication and you will have a better bonding with your baby. When you are out for work then make it a point to call the baby at intervals, at home or at play centre, to assure that you will return shortly to be with your darling. This will calm the baby and will give a sense of security that mummy dearest loves the angel.

These are basic steps to be a good and caring parent and you will have a happy and content baby to deal with.