New Mum Style

Wearing Vintage Dresses When You Aren’t Feeling Your Best:

Vintage might sound out of fashion to you, but is it really? I, like all of you, had shunned the retro style for good, but let’s ask ourselves: do fashions really go dry? Do styles run out of style? I pick up a hundred magazines from the past and see the diverse fashions practiced in every era. I look around myself and pinpoint about a thousand different fashions in one day. So, I say to myself, why should vintage be considered gone for good? After all, we gave the retro themes such a fancy name, we should honour them.

vintage-dressNow, I am not saying you should overdo the fashion. When I start picking out clothes for a change, I consider looking decent and good at the same time. So, the first thing is to pick out a signature, something around which I will build my entire look. Does that sound tiresome? It doesn’t, right? We moms are so apt at managing things; this is just a trivial decision. I think it might be a hat, fancy-looking, pinned at a lopsided angle over my head. But that shouldn’t be the case with you. I tap my fingers over lipsticks, wondering if I would like deep red lips to contrast with simple clothing, and then over the skirts and blouses, thinking how frilly and fancy I want to get.

Once I decide my signature, I amass the clothes I think would go with that. Say, my first selection was a hat. I would like a plain shirt to go with it, possibly of a very light colour, and a printed skirt of a darker colour. I would probably tie the hat with a napkin around my neck in the classic Marilyn Monroe style. However, I would change my decision according to the occasion. Is it a party? The skirt would be perfect then. Is it a trip with friends? Then I would like to wear the vintage straight pants over my shirt, with a cowboy styled hat pinned over my head. If I get more in the vintage mood, I may even curl the ends of my hair.

Vintage clothing has a stigma of making you stand out in the crowd. I strongly disagree. I would say to all the moms out there: we have a lot to do at home and work. Why not liven up your styles with something different and unique? Vintage dressing does not make anyone look like an alien, rest assured. I would prefer that sort of vintage style that would make me comfortable. I, of course, would not like to waste my time in a perfectly good party worrying about my heels or a very tight skirt. Furthermore, once you make up your mind about what you are about to wear, carry it with style. I would like to strut around proud and confident than sulk and be under confident about how I look.