Maternity Pillow

When I get pregnant with my first baby I realized that pregnancy is not what it seems. Doubtlessly, it is the most beautiful and memorable time of a girl’s life. It is the period full of anticipation, bliss, happiness, eagerness and mix feelings of pleasure and discomforts. I experience a whole new life during these six months and I get a view of life more closely. These were the best months of my life, as after few weeks I was going to have a baby who will definitely strengthen my relationship with my husband and above all there will be someone who gonna call me Mama. Gosh! Can’t wait for the moment, but let me share the dark side as well.

pregnancy-pillowI haven’t felt sick in my life ever, but carrying a baby inside introduced me with some pains and aches. It was normal because every woman during pregnancy experiences pain in different parts of the body like back, hips, shoulders, belly, legs and ankles. Every pregnancy is different and in my case I have leg cramps and severe pain in my back and resultantly, I fail to get proper sleep at nights. I end up turning around the bed most of the time, just trying to get a position that give comfort to my back, so I could sleep properly, but all in vain. However luckily, one day while randomly browsing the internet, I came across maternity pillows and I get answer for all my pregnancy problems voila.

The maternity pillows are designed specifically for the pregnant ladies in order to provide support to their baby bump, neck, back, legs and shoulder. These are available in different shapes and sizes, each offer its own specific benefits. The common benefit and purpose is to help pregnant women sleep in a position which is best for the ladies to avoid neck and back pains.  It also helps women who keep in turning and tossing during sleep, fearing to accidently pose extreme pressure on the baby bump. I found them blessing in disguise as it helped me finding my lost uninterrupted sleep.

I was an avid traveler before getting pregnant, sadly I refrain from travelling during my early 6 months, but after buying maternity pillows I got my life back. Now, I can carry them along on long drives. These soft twin cushions offer snug and soft support to my lower back and help me not getting cramp and muscle pulls. Best thing is these are too compact and I easily pack them in my suitcase so my husband didn’t get bother at all.

The thing that fascinated me the most while buying the maternity pillow is its use after delivering the baby, I may sound irrational but it’s true. I can use it while nursing my baby or as a barrier for the kid during the early years to prevent the rolling and tossing while sleeping.

In short, I found maternity pillows one of the must have pregnancy thing and I highly recommend it to all the expected ladies.