Hints for Getting Out and About with your New Baby

So I just became the luckiest woman in the whole world. I am now cradling a baby in my arms, healthy and pink, so cute and fragile. It is my first experience as a mother. I am exhilarated and a little scared too; the job seems to be overwhelming me. But then, I am a mother and this is my baby, and like every mom in the world, I have to find a way to make things work.


How do I start my new life? Every decision revolves around my baby. I go to see a doctor regularly and get myself and my infant checked. The doctor has drawn up a diet chart for me and my baby. Breast feeding, the doctor says, is the most important part of the first two years of baby’s life. It not only develops a close bond between the mother and the child, but it also provides nearly all the necessary nutrition and protection required. Of course, I would have to start cereals in 6 months time, but right now, I have to keep myself healthy to produce enough milk. I have to take iron tablets daily; I have to drink lots of water and milk; and I have to avoid unhealthy foods of the market. Every drug that I take for any medical reason has to be counterchecked. What if it is secreted in breast milk?

So there you are. The hectic job of being a mother has already begun, and it is only the diet I have talked about yet. I go buy a stroller, a really funky and comfortable one. I clothe my baby in the warmest and softest of baby clothes I can get, and most of them are, believe it or not, knitted by my own mother and mother-in-law. These tiny socks and sweaters fit my baby perfectly. I also swaddle the baby, especially because he sleeps most of the time, and when I have to be in the kitchen, swaddling gives him a sense of security. I don’t know how, but it definitely soothes him. My mother told me a blanket would be fine to swaddle, or any warm cloth. I just have to make sure it is not loose enough to make the baby feel vulnerable nor tight enough to cause joint dislocation, and trust me, that is not a hard decision. When you are a mother, your instinct works like magic: you know exactly when to stop and when to start.

I while away most of my time by playing with the baby. I have to be very gentle, because he is not old enough for rough play. I take him out in his stroller for short walks, talking to him about the birds, showing him the sky and the animals. I sing a lullaby to him at nights. I do all this because I want him to know that he is so precious to me and that there is still so much beauty in this world.