How to be a good mother and have a happy baby

To be blessed with motherhood is an ultimate feeling. All through pregnancy, the mother feels the movements of the unborn child inside the womb. It is nature’s miracle that a full- fledged life takes shape within a woman’s body. Once the baby is born, a new journey of adventure of a sort starts for the new mother and that is raising the baby.

From a single, carefree status the woman is overnight elevated to being a responsible and caring parent. This transition is new and apprehensive. However, if you are mentally prepared for the motherhood, then it is but a matter of time when you adjust to the new routine as well. Right from birth, the baby is more attached emotionally to the mother than the father.

The umbilical cord establishes a super bonding between the baby and the mother and it carries on after birth too. What is it that the baby wants? Well, more than food or anything else, it is the gentle yet assuring touch of the mother, when she cuddles the baby. This touch is enough to soothe the baby’s confused mind and the fear of all new things around it.

Hold the baby close to your heart as much as possible and it will transmit the warmth and security that the baby seeks. Mother’s embrace is like a comfort zone, where everything is going to be just fine.

A calm and peaceful mind encourages good rest and sleep. This is essential for healthy growth of the baby. While feeding, especially breast-feeding the baby, gently stroke it, as this helps in relaxing the baby. Another advantage is that the baby starts recognizing mother’s touch and begins to respond to it.

Spend quality time with your baby if you are a home-maker. However, if you are a working mother, then there is no choice but to put the baby in daycare till the time you get home. Nevertheless, periodic checks through the day by a mere phone call will help the baby realize that mummy loves and cares for it.

Spending time with your baby should be your top priority besides attending to other chores. For that, taking the baby out for a stroll in the park in the evening, reading out bedtime stories, singing a soft lullaby to put baby to sleep, etc are good options.

mom putting baby to sleep image

A good mother takes into consideration her baby’s likes and dislikes and lovingly cooks for the little one. A good, nutritious, home-cooked food is far better than the junk food that the present generation so eagerly adopts.

So inculcate the habit of eating at home in the company of family members. Monitoring child’s health is of primary importance and thus regular visits to pediatrician ensure that the baby is growing well and the height, weight, BMI, etc is normal.

There is difference between feeding and over-feeding. A well fed child is always content and happy. Do not over feed the baby as it may cause future health issues. A baby often swallows lot of air while bottle feeding. So it is necessary to burp the baby during the feed as well as at the end of the feed. This releases the gases and avoids discomfort.

Be a good and patient listener since the little one will have many queries and you need to satisfy its curiosity. Do not push away the child, but try to appease its quest for knowledge. Tap the little one’s potential and encourage it. Involve the baby in activities around the house, which will develop an early sense of responsibility.

These are just a few guiding steps to connect with your baby. Once you cross these then you will enjoy the experience of parenthood.