How to enjoy parenthood and your life

Parenthood is often seen as an end to the freedom of both the partners, as they feel that this new duty of raising the baby will not give them quality time for themselves. However, parenthood is a joyful experience and if you have your priorities and life sorted out, then you very well can enjoy life as you used to, before the arrival of the baby.

Many young women feel that motherhood puts a full stop to their social life and now hence forth their life is going to revolve around the little one only. This is not true. A baby is a gift from God and should never be considered as a “burden” or “hindrance” in your freedom.

It is a bundle of joy that brings happiness and liveliness in your life. You just need to plan your day and routine well, and you will be amazed at how well one can balance parenthood as well as social life. In fact, you should be proud that you are getting the best of both worlds.

The real tact is making your life enjoyable once again is accepting the new role of being a parent graciously. Then start sorting your routine. Make a time table for your duties as a mother. I know that it is a never ending task, but you can chart out the feeding time and settle the baby in that particular manner. This way the baby’s sleeping and feeding routine gets set well and then you get the time that you so desire.

A well fed baby sleeps peacefully at least for 3-4 hours. You can utilize this time for completing your other household chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. Once this is achieved in the first half of the day then you can relax and socialize at home during baby’s second sleeping stint. This is the right time to invite your friends over for high tea and some enjoyable gossip.

moms socializing image

If your friends have babies too, then it is good gathering of mothers and babies, where the babies have fun time in each other’s company and the mothers get some breather too. This not only teaches the child to socialize and learn to adjust in company, but also acts as platform for mothers to exchange notes on parenthood. We can learn a lot from other’s experiences and gives us tips to tackle a situation.

Many women are working and they take maternity leave to attend to the baby. However, this cannot go on endlessly and one has to resume work duty eventually. Please don’t feel guilty the first time you leave your little one at the daycare centre. Those teary eyes and beckoning expressions are sure to freeze you and you may just wish that you could rush back home with your angel.

Never have that guilty feeling, since you are making this sacrifice for the betterment of the family. Just make sure that you call the centre at regular intervals to ascertain that the baby is settled and happy. This will help to ease your mind. Be it workplace or a social outing, if your child is not with you, then frequent comforting words from the mother over the telephone will surely soothe the baby and give the feeling of your presence.

Arrival of a baby does not mean that your life is restricted to feeding and changing nappies. If you have a hobby, pursue it in your free time. When the baby sees you occupied in an artistic way, then it will automatically follow you and develop skills. Hobbies like painting, etc are best done in company of your baby, where the little one also gets a chance to dabble in colors and have fun. Just make sure that the baby does not end up eating paint.

So remember, parenthood is not necessarily a full stop for being “you”. It is a matter of tact and planning to make the most of life.