New Mum Style

Wearing Vintage Dresses When You Aren’t Feeling Your Best:

Vintage might sound out of fashion to you, but is it really? I, like all of you, had shunned the retro style for good, but let’s ask ourselves: do fashions really go dry? Do styles run out of style? I pick up a hundred magazines from the past and see the diverse fashions practiced in every era. I look around myself and pinpoint about a thousand different fashions in one day. So, I say to myself, why should vintage be considered gone for good? After all, we gave the retro themes such a fancy name, we should honour them.

vintage-dressNow, I am not saying you should overdo the fashion. When I start picking out clothes for a change, I consider looking decent and good at the same time. So, the first thing is to pick out a signature, something around which I will build my entire look. Does that sound tiresome? It doesn’t, right? We moms are so apt at managing things; this is just a trivial decision. I think it might be a hat, fancy-looking, pinned at a lopsided angle over my head. But that shouldn’t be the case with you. I tap my fingers over lipsticks, wondering if I would like deep red lips to contrast with simple clothing, and then over the skirts and blouses, thinking how frilly and fancy I want to get.

Once I decide my signature, I amass the clothes I think would go with that. Say, my first selection was a hat. I would like a plain shirt to go with it, possibly of a very light colour, and a printed skirt of a darker colour. I would probably tie the hat with a napkin around my neck in the classic Marilyn Monroe style. However, I would change my decision according to the occasion. Is it a party? The skirt would be perfect then. Is it a trip with friends? Then I would like to wear the vintage straight pants over my shirt, with a cowboy styled hat pinned over my head. If I get more in the vintage mood, I may even curl the ends of my hair.

Vintage clothing has a stigma of making you stand out in the crowd. I strongly disagree. I would say to all the moms out there: we have a lot to do at home and work. Why not liven up your styles with something different and unique? Vintage dressing does not make anyone look like an alien, rest assured. I would prefer that sort of vintage style that would make me comfortable. I, of course, would not like to waste my time in a perfectly good party worrying about my heels or a very tight skirt. Furthermore, once you make up your mind about what you are about to wear, carry it with style. I would like to strut around proud and confident than sulk and be under confident about how I look.

Maternity Pillow

When I get pregnant with my first baby I realized that pregnancy is not what it seems. Doubtlessly, it is the most beautiful and memorable time of a girl’s life. It is the period full of anticipation, bliss, happiness, eagerness and mix feelings of pleasure and discomforts. I experience a whole new life during these six months and I get a view of life more closely. These were the best months of my life, as after few weeks I was going to have a baby who will definitely strengthen my relationship with my husband and above all there will be someone who gonna call me Mama. Gosh! Can’t wait for the moment, but let me share the dark side as well.

pregnancy-pillowI haven’t felt sick in my life ever, but carrying a baby inside introduced me with some pains and aches. It was normal because every woman during pregnancy experiences pain in different parts of the body like back, hips, shoulders, belly, legs and ankles. Every pregnancy is different and in my case I have leg cramps and severe pain in my back and resultantly, I fail to get proper sleep at nights. I end up turning around the bed most of the time, just trying to get a position that give comfort to my back, so I could sleep properly, but all in vain. However luckily, one day while randomly browsing the internet, I came across maternity pillows and I get answer for all my pregnancy problems voila.

The maternity pillows are designed specifically for the pregnant ladies in order to provide support to their baby bump, neck, back, legs and shoulder. These are available in different shapes and sizes, each offer its own specific benefits. The common benefit and purpose is to help pregnant women sleep in a position which is best for the ladies to avoid neck and back pains.  It also helps women who keep in turning and tossing during sleep, fearing to accidently pose extreme pressure on the baby bump. I found them blessing in disguise as it helped me finding my lost uninterrupted sleep.

I was an avid traveler before getting pregnant, sadly I refrain from travelling during my early 6 months, but after buying maternity pillows I got my life back. Now, I can carry them along on long drives. These soft twin cushions offer snug and soft support to my lower back and help me not getting cramp and muscle pulls. Best thing is these are too compact and I easily pack them in my suitcase so my husband didn’t get bother at all.

The thing that fascinated me the most while buying the maternity pillow is its use after delivering the baby, I may sound irrational but it’s true. I can use it while nursing my baby or as a barrier for the kid during the early years to prevent the rolling and tossing while sleeping.

In short, I found maternity pillows one of the must have pregnancy thing and I highly recommend it to all the expected ladies.

7 ways to make time to relax as a new mother

Motherhood is as enjoyable as it is taxing. It takes a while for the new mother to adjust to the new situation and this throws her off routine. She has to juggle her time not only for her newborn and her spouse, but also for herself. The new acquired responsibility of the baby forces her to reschedule her daily routine and snatch a few moments for herself.

It is of utmost importance that a mother gets enough rest and recreation to rejuvenate her for the further tasks of the day. Many new mothers are desperate to find a solution to this dilemma. How can they break free from the baby’s responsibility and spend some quiet, relaxed time? Well, if you plan out properly, you can achieve it.

mom getting a massage image

Step 1: Plan your baby’s feeding time

Do not feed the baby at odd times. Set a time-table and follow it. Ideally, it is better to keep an interval of 4 hours between the feeds. This way the baby’s biological clock will be set automatically to adjust to the hunger-feed routine. The interim period can be utilized to attend to other chores.


Step 2: Attend to your needs earlier

In the morning, before the baby wakes up, the mother should prepare herself by taking shower, eating breakfast, etc. Once the baby wakes, it will be easier to attend without any problem. Babies love to sleep after a warm bath and feed. If you have also eaten well during breakfast, then it is easy to snatch 40 winks when the baby sleeps. This will relax your body and mind after the first round of activities.


Step 3: Prepare baby’s food in advance

When baby is ready for its next feed, make sure that you have taken care of the cooking and other chores prior to that. If your baby is sleeping soundly, then if you like you can have your lunch and relax a bit. As soon as the little angel is up and kicking, it is sure going to demand its food and you need to be ready for the moment.


Step 4: Coordinate your sleeping time with that of the baby

A baby and its mother, both are new to a different experience of survival. Both the individuals are trying to adjust to each other and live a coordinated life. Hence, it is very essential that the mother balances the timings of the baby’s sleep and feed to her advantage. The best way to rest, especially during the early phase, is to sleep when the baby is sleeping. This enables the new mother to relax and rest her body.


Step 5: Have a timetable

A very effective way to make time for yourself for relaxation is chalking out a proper timetable for your daily chores. Remember that these timings have to intertwine with the baby’s sleep and feed schedule. Make the most of the time that you get when the baby is asleep. Besides catching a few winks in between, finish off the cooking, laundry, etc. As said earlier, it is actually better to synchronize the sleeping time with the baby’s timings.


Step 6: Take enough rest when the baby is with father

It is a good practice to give paternity leave. The new mother has already gone through a lot since the pregnancy stage. So she rightfully deserves the rest, as much as possible. After all, the bundle of joy belongs to both the partners, so the responsibilities should be shared as equally possible.


Step 7: Finally, good habits go a long way.

If the baby is put into the habit of regular sleep and feeding schedule, then it will automatically respond to that and you will know exactly when it is your free time and when it is your “duty” time.

So plan well and you will overcome this phase of new motherhood with ease and happiness.