Baby Routine Tips

Becoming a mother is as challenging as it’s a pleasure and a blessing. After delivering my first baby girl, my life changed completely and my activities get limited to her only. My morning starts with nursing her and ends with changing diapers. One day my mom visited me unexpectedly and she was surprised seeing me so busy all day long with my 2 months old girl that we hardly find time for some thoughtful conversation. When she falls asleep in the afternoon, mom and I were having coffee together; she asked me why you don’t make your life easier by getting her into a proper routine for feeding, sleep and activities. Her words sound impossible to me as I never know babies of this age also has a schedule. I asked my mom impatiently, how, when and from where should I start? Though, I was enjoying my time with her, but at the same time I was missing my ‘ME’ time badly. However, after following my mother’s words religiously, I started enjoying my life even more. Today, I am sharing my mother tips with all immature moms, so they will never find any difficulty raising their kids anymore.


  1. Establish a regular bedtime routine for your baby. The easiest way to design a consistent bedtime is to get started with a predictable routine so it will be easy for you and your kid. You can’t expect bedtime routine in the early days, but can start practicing after 2 months. Better is to keep everything simple, give a warm bath to baby, a comfy sleepsuit or pyjamas on, a formula feed or breastfeed then off the lights.
  2. My mom asked me to teach her the difference between day and night. Making a kid differentiate between day and night is an important element in establishing a workable schedule. Keep your house bright during daytime, and do the extreme opposite at night. Keep your home quiet and dim at night. Don’t speak much with them during night and let them know day is for play and socializing while night is for rest. I did the same and by the time she turned 3, she can differentiate between night and day easily.
  3. Try to learn and understand your baby cues. Understating your baby patterns help you in anticipating his/her needs. Ultimately, you will get to know what they want, so you can feed them on time and can take them to bed before s/he becomes fussy and over-tired. Making note of your baby feed, playtime and nap helps in creating a workable schedule for him/her.
  4. As you feel your baby is getting into a routine don’t disturb it by arranging parties or outings with friends.
  5. Be patient and except the changes happily. In first year, a kid achieves some key milestones like crawling, sitting and in some cases walking, so in this period don’t be panic if s/he didn’t follow the routine. A baby may get back to routine soon, or it may be a sign to make some adjustments in their routine. As the baby grows, s/he will definitely demand a change in routine. They start demanding more playtime and less daytime nap. They will certainly ask for some solid food too, so you need adjustments undeniably.
  6. The most important thing my other taught me is doesn’t expect perfection. Babies love consistency, but at times you have to be patient for the unexpected changes. Sometime she may not want to take a nap. She may urge for an extra meal/ she may wake up early.

In short, we mom’s needs to be patient while bringing up our little ones

Hints for Getting Out and About with your New Baby

So I just became the luckiest woman in the whole world. I am now cradling a baby in my arms, healthy and pink, so cute and fragile. It is my first experience as a mother. I am exhilarated and a little scared too; the job seems to be overwhelming me. But then, I am a mother and this is my baby, and like every mom in the world, I have to find a way to make things work.


How do I start my new life? Every decision revolves around my baby. I go to see a doctor regularly and get myself and my infant checked. The doctor has drawn up a diet chart for me and my baby. Breast feeding, the doctor says, is the most important part of the first two years of baby’s life. It not only develops a close bond between the mother and the child, but it also provides nearly all the necessary nutrition and protection required. Of course, I would have to start cereals in 6 months time, but right now, I have to keep myself healthy to produce enough milk. I have to take iron tablets daily; I have to drink lots of water and milk; and I have to avoid unhealthy foods of the market. Every drug that I take for any medical reason has to be counterchecked. What if it is secreted in breast milk?

So there you are. The hectic job of being a mother has already begun, and it is only the diet I have talked about yet. I go buy a stroller, a really funky and comfortable one. I clothe my baby in the warmest and softest of baby clothes I can get, and most of them are, believe it or not, knitted by my own mother and mother-in-law. These tiny socks and sweaters fit my baby perfectly. I also swaddle the baby, especially because he sleeps most of the time, and when I have to be in the kitchen, swaddling gives him a sense of security. I don’t know how, but it definitely soothes him. My mother told me a blanket would be fine to swaddle, or any warm cloth. I just have to make sure it is not loose enough to make the baby feel vulnerable nor tight enough to cause joint dislocation, and trust me, that is not a hard decision. When you are a mother, your instinct works like magic: you know exactly when to stop and when to start.

I while away most of my time by playing with the baby. I have to be very gentle, because he is not old enough for rough play. I take him out in his stroller for short walks, talking to him about the birds, showing him the sky and the animals. I sing a lullaby to him at nights. I do all this because I want him to know that he is so precious to me and that there is still so much beauty in this world.

5 things to think about when christening your baby

Christening your new born is an ultimate happiness for parents and I run short of words whenever I recall the christening of my first baby last month. Honestly, it was one hell of a day, as we crowded that one day with too many occasions. No doubt, we started the ceremonies early afternoon, but celebrating husband’s 30th birthday, blessing new home and getting your child christened are too many things to get through in a single day. Literally, I was whacked that day that is the reason I m suggesting you all to plan your baby christening way in advance. I did plan several days before the christening day, but I ended-up stuffing too many things together that few things get overlooked. Anyways, my dear son is Christian now and that is what matters the most to me. However, if you are planning your newborn’s baptism, take some advices from me; here are top 5 things to think about when christening your baby.

  1. Remember, christening is the act to introduce your baby to the world, your religion and your home. In this ceremony, the Godparents commit that the kid will be raised according to the teachings of Christianity. Selection of the Godparents need to be done carefully and wisely, better to select those having strong religious beliefs. It can be your parents, parents-in-laws, a close friend or anyone close to your heart. In my case, my maternal uncle was selected as my son’s Godparents.
  2. Now is the time to schedule your baby’s christening with your parish or church. As we all know, here is a fee and the down payment is made once you reserve the time and day. Don’t forget bringing your child’s birth certificate because it is needed at the moment. Some of the churches also ask for Godparents seminar, so check it before the real day to avoid any unforeseen situation. . Better to select the church and date almost a month in advance so the guests and Godparents can schedule their routine accordingly.
  3. Venue selection is another important thing to consider while planning christening of your baby. It totally depends what you prefer, a formal reception or a small private party at home for close friends and family members. Whatever you may consider, bear in mind that christening is a religious affair, so better to select decoration with the religious symbols even if you have set a theme for the christening party.
  4. Preparing candles and selecting christening gown were the most exciting things for me. Prepare beautiful candles for the Godparents plus some extra for the people who wish to hold them at that time. Buy the best dress for your baby, preferably white. The kid will be baptized in the gown; however if you want to save few bucks you can borrow one form siblings or neighbors if they have any.
  5. Christening is often followed by a small reception for the guests. For some it might be a sumptuous reception at home or a hotel. But according to me the main logic behind christening is that the kid is welcomed into the God’s Kingdom, so the celebration should be as simple as possible like ensaymada or hot chocolate with your honorable guests at home.

4 ways that swaddling your baby helps them settle down

After my first child, I did plenty of research on kid’s accessories but not at all limited to what shampoo or soap is the safest, what bottles and milk to use, what stroller is easiest to handle, what crib or cot will make a perfect addition etc and believe me the list of my options had so many things and is endless till now. Let me confess it today, the hours I spend in front of my laptop were literally mind-numbing but after becoming a mom I realized it was worth spending.

swaddle imageI was enjoying every single day with my baby girl and I was like the happiest mom of a happy and decent kid, but one thing that was disturbing me is her restlessness. One day, I was sharing this with my friend who is already a mother of 2 beautiful boys and before even finishing my words she immediately recommend swaddling to me. Though, I read a lot about it but wasn’t sure it will really help that much. She told me the logic behind baby swaddling is very simple, a baby spend 9 months inside a mother womb cuddled up in an entirely safe and calm environment. Same way swaddling helps creating pressure around the baby’s body giving him/her a sense of safety. This sensation imitates the feelings s/he once feel inside mother womb and it ultimately trigger your kid sleep and health.  She explained so beautifully that I get convinced and thought to give it a try.

I started swaddling my girl whenever I feel a need of it and believe me I don’t have words to thank her enough. Now it’s my turn to share my part of story regarding swaddling with all the moms facing any such problem raising their baby.

  1. I noticed that my little girl sleep longer and better while swaddled. As it prevent the little jerks she does while sleeping, it also lowers her arm movements and helped in stimulating sleep continuity.
  2. Sometimes babies behave weird and they cry regardless of whatever soothing technique you may use. I noticed that swaddling help me in soothing my baby from illogical cries and howls almost 75% of the time. Believe me; it works, a research also reveals 28% reduction in baby crying through swaddling.
  3. What other swaddling benefits I observed are less physiological pain, perfect motor organization, improved temperature regulation, better self-regulatory ability and better neuromuscular development.
  4. Swaddling also help me in keeping my girl’s skin safe from nail scratches and marks. She used to scratch her face with jerky movements in sleep. However, when swaddled her movements get restricted.

Swaddling is an old-technique and seems quite easy, but I will personally advise every mother to take proper guidance on how to swaddle baby because it also includes some risks. Swaddle your baby once s/he is one month old and when they begin to kick off the swaddling sheets stop swaddling your baby as it is a sign they no longer appreciate to being packed too snugly.

How to be a good mother and have a happy baby

To be blessed with motherhood is an ultimate feeling. All through pregnancy, the mother feels the movements of the unborn child inside the womb. It is nature’s miracle that a full- fledged life takes shape within a woman’s body. Once the baby is born, a new journey of adventure of a sort starts for the new mother and that is raising the baby.

From a single, carefree status the woman is overnight elevated to being a responsible and caring parent. This transition is new and apprehensive. However, if you are mentally prepared for the motherhood, then it is but a matter of time when you adjust to the new routine as well. Right from birth, the baby is more attached emotionally to the mother than the father.

The umbilical cord establishes a super bonding between the baby and the mother and it carries on after birth too. What is it that the baby wants? Well, more than food or anything else, it is the gentle yet assuring touch of the mother, when she cuddles the baby. This touch is enough to soothe the baby’s confused mind and the fear of all new things around it.

Hold the baby close to your heart as much as possible and it will transmit the warmth and security that the baby seeks. Mother’s embrace is like a comfort zone, where everything is going to be just fine.

A calm and peaceful mind encourages good rest and sleep. This is essential for healthy growth of the baby. While feeding, especially breast-feeding the baby, gently stroke it, as this helps in relaxing the baby. Another advantage is that the baby starts recognizing mother’s touch and begins to respond to it.

Spend quality time with your baby if you are a home-maker. However, if you are a working mother, then there is no choice but to put the baby in daycare till the time you get home. Nevertheless, periodic checks through the day by a mere phone call will help the baby realize that mummy loves and cares for it.

Spending time with your baby should be your top priority besides attending to other chores. For that, taking the baby out for a stroll in the park in the evening, reading out bedtime stories, singing a soft lullaby to put baby to sleep, etc are good options.

mom putting baby to sleep image

A good mother takes into consideration her baby’s likes and dislikes and lovingly cooks for the little one. A good, nutritious, home-cooked food is far better than the junk food that the present generation so eagerly adopts.

So inculcate the habit of eating at home in the company of family members. Monitoring child’s health is of primary importance and thus regular visits to pediatrician ensure that the baby is growing well and the height, weight, BMI, etc is normal.

There is difference between feeding and over-feeding. A well fed child is always content and happy. Do not over feed the baby as it may cause future health issues. A baby often swallows lot of air while bottle feeding. So it is necessary to burp the baby during the feed as well as at the end of the feed. This releases the gases and avoids discomfort.

Be a good and patient listener since the little one will have many queries and you need to satisfy its curiosity. Do not push away the child, but try to appease its quest for knowledge. Tap the little one’s potential and encourage it. Involve the baby in activities around the house, which will develop an early sense of responsibility.

These are just a few guiding steps to connect with your baby. Once you cross these then you will enjoy the experience of parenthood.

4 hints for settling your baby

It is rightly said that a baby is a bundle of joy to cherish forever. But it is actually joyful when the baby is in good spirit and happily playing around with everybody.

This is only possible if the baby is well settled and comfortable. It is a very delicate situation to keep the baby happy, content, feeling secure and cozy. However, once you learn the art of parenting, then you will automatically succeed in keeping your angel calm. It is not difficult to settle your baby, once you know its temperament and habits. There are a few hints though to facilitate the process for new mothers.

new mom image

Choose the Right Feeding Times

First, you need to set appointed hours for the baby’s feed. Once this is done then the remaining time is easy for the baby to sleep, play or just kick around and exercise. Settling the baby in a proper sleep and feed routine actually facilitates the new mother to find some peaceful time for herself.


Do not over-feed the baby

Overfeeding will make it uncomfortable and irritable. It is better to cut the feed at the right time so that the baby is satiated but not over fed. Over feeding makes the baby “colicky”. This feeling of discomfort does not allow the baby to sleep or rest peacefully. Speak to your nurse or mothers group if you want to know more about how much to feed your baby – after all, they are the experts.


Hold the baby close to you

Third thing that a mother should remember is that a baby always looks for security and comfort. The best place to find that solace is none other than mother’s warm embrace. To soothe the baby, especially if it is cranky, just hold it close to you and that touch of assurance is enough to calm down the crying baby immediately.

When the mother takes the baby in her arms and cuddles it, the warmth that is emanated reminds the baby of the secure days in the mother’s womb and it helps in pacifying and comforting the disturbed baby.


Keep the baby company

The fourth important aspect in settling your baby is to give it a feeling of company and togetherness. When the baby sees the mother or anybody else around, then there is no fear of being left alone and it feels happy that there is someone to take care and keep company.

If it is not possible for you to be around its cradle or play-pen all the time then decorate the nursery in such a way that the baby is surrounded by animated figures, cute animals, etc so that there is a constant feeling of someone “being around” at all times. If you have to leave the baby in room while you attend to some chores, then play soft music to soothe the baby. This will again give a feeling of company.

It is very important that the baby is well settled as it encourages healthy growth of body as well as mind. The baby feels secure and comforted and thus develops into a confident and happy individual. The bond between the baby and the mother is an essential factor that determines the future development of the child. So now that you have brought in this little angel into the world, take all the efforts to make its life a memorable journey.