5 things to think about when christening your baby

Christening your new born is an ultimate happiness for parents and I run short of words whenever I recall the christening of my first baby last month. Honestly, it was one hell of a day, as we crowded that one day with too many occasions. No doubt, we started the ceremonies early afternoon, but celebrating husband’s 30th birthday, blessing new home and getting your child christened are too many things to get through in a single day. Literally, I was whacked that day that is the reason I m suggesting you all to plan your baby christening way in advance. I did plan several days before the christening day, but I ended-up stuffing too many things together that few things get overlooked. Anyways, my dear son is Christian now and that is what matters the most to me. However, if you are planning your newborn’s baptism, take some advices from me; here are top 5 things to think about when christening your baby.

  1. Remember, christening is the act to introduce your baby to the world, your religion and your home. In this ceremony, the Godparents commit that the kid will be raised according to the teachings of Christianity. Selection of the Godparents need to be done carefully and wisely, better to select those having strong religious beliefs. It can be your parents, parents-in-laws, a close friend or anyone close to your heart. In my case, my maternal uncle was selected as my son’s Godparents.
  2. Now is the time to schedule your baby’s christening with your parish or church. As we all know, here is a fee and the down payment is made once you reserve the time and day. Don’t forget bringing your child’s birth certificate because it is needed at the moment. Some of the churches also ask for Godparents seminar, so check it before the real day to avoid any unforeseen situation. . Better to select the church and date almost a month in advance so the guests and Godparents can schedule their routine accordingly.
  3. Venue selection is another important thing to consider while planning christening of your baby. It totally depends what you prefer, a formal reception or a small private party at home for close friends and family members. Whatever you may consider, bear in mind that christening is a religious affair, so better to select decoration with the religious symbols even if you have set a theme for the christening party.
  4. Preparing candles and selecting christening gown were the most exciting things for me. Prepare beautiful candles for the Godparents plus some extra for the people who wish to hold them at that time. Buy the best dress for your baby, preferably white. The kid will be baptized in the gown; however if you want to save few bucks you can borrow one form siblings or neighbors if they have any.
  5. Christening is often followed by a small reception for the guests. For some it might be a sumptuous reception at home or a hotel. But according to me the main logic behind christening is that the kid is welcomed into the God’s Kingdom, so the celebration should be as simple as possible like ensaymada or hot chocolate with your honorable guests at home.