4 ways that swaddling your baby helps them settle down

After my first child, I did plenty of research on kid’s accessories but not at all limited to what shampoo or soap is the safest, what bottles and milk to use, what stroller is easiest to handle, what crib or cot will make a perfect addition etc and believe me the list of my options had so many things and is endless till now. Let me confess it today, the hours I spend in front of my laptop were literally mind-numbing but after becoming a mom I realized it was worth spending.

swaddle imageI was enjoying every single day with my baby girl and I was like the happiest mom of a happy and decent kid, but one thing that was disturbing me is her restlessness. One day, I was sharing this with my friend who is already a mother of 2 beautiful boys and before even finishing my words she immediately recommend swaddling to me. Though, I read a lot about it but wasn’t sure it will really help that much. She told me the logic behind baby swaddling is very simple, a baby spend 9 months inside a mother womb cuddled up in an entirely safe and calm environment. Same way swaddling helps creating pressure around the baby’s body giving him/her a sense of safety. This sensation imitates the feelings s/he once feel inside mother womb and it ultimately trigger your kid sleep and health.  She explained so beautifully that I get convinced and thought to give it a try.

I started swaddling my girl whenever I feel a need of it and believe me I don’t have words to thank her enough. Now it’s my turn to share my part of story regarding swaddling with all the moms facing any such problem raising their baby.

  1. I noticed that my little girl sleep longer and better while swaddled. As it prevent the little jerks she does while sleeping, it also lowers her arm movements and helped in stimulating sleep continuity.
  2. Sometimes babies behave weird and they cry regardless of whatever soothing technique you may use. I noticed that swaddling help me in soothing my baby from illogical cries and howls almost 75% of the time. Believe me; it works, a research also reveals 28% reduction in baby crying through swaddling.
  3. What other swaddling benefits I observed are less physiological pain, perfect motor organization, improved temperature regulation, better self-regulatory ability and better neuromuscular development.
  4. Swaddling also help me in keeping my girl’s skin safe from nail scratches and marks. She used to scratch her face with jerky movements in sleep. However, when swaddled her movements get restricted.

Swaddling is an old-technique and seems quite easy, but I will personally advise every mother to take proper guidance on how to swaddle baby because it also includes some risks. Swaddle your baby once s/he is one month old and when they begin to kick off the swaddling sheets stop swaddling your baby as it is a sign they no longer appreciate to being packed too snugly.