4 hints for settling your baby

It is rightly said that a baby is a bundle of joy to cherish forever. But it is actually joyful when the baby is in good spirit and happily playing around with everybody.

This is only possible if the baby is well settled and comfortable. It is a very delicate situation to keep the baby happy, content, feeling secure and cozy. However, once you learn the art of parenting, then you will automatically succeed in keeping your angel calm. It is not difficult to settle your baby, once you know its temperament and habits. There are a few hints though to facilitate the process for new mothers.

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Choose the Right Feeding Times

First, you need to set appointed hours for the baby’s feed. Once this is done then the remaining time is easy for the baby to sleep, play or just kick around and exercise. Settling the baby in a proper sleep and feed routine actually facilitates the new mother to find some peaceful time for herself.


Do not over-feed the baby

Overfeeding will make it uncomfortable and irritable. It is better to cut the feed at the right time so that the baby is satiated but not over fed. Over feeding makes the baby “colicky”. This feeling of discomfort does not allow the baby to sleep or rest peacefully. Speak to your nurse or mothers group if you want to know more about how much to feed your baby – after all, they are the experts.


Hold the baby close to you

Third thing that a mother should remember is that a baby always looks for security and comfort. The best place to find that solace is none other than mother’s warm embrace. To soothe the baby, especially if it is cranky, just hold it close to you and that touch of assurance is enough to calm down the crying baby immediately.

When the mother takes the baby in her arms and cuddles it, the warmth that is emanated reminds the baby of the secure days in the mother’s womb and it helps in pacifying and comforting the disturbed baby.


Keep the baby company

The fourth important aspect in settling your baby is to give it a feeling of company and togetherness. When the baby sees the mother or anybody else around, then there is no fear of being left alone and it feels happy that there is someone to take care and keep company.

If it is not possible for you to be around its cradle or play-pen all the time then decorate the nursery in such a way that the baby is surrounded by animated figures, cute animals, etc so that there is a constant feeling of someone “being around” at all times. If you have to leave the baby in room while you attend to some chores, then play soft music to soothe the baby. This will again give a feeling of company.

It is very important that the baby is well settled as it encourages healthy growth of body as well as mind. The baby feels secure and comforted and thus develops into a confident and happy individual. The bond between the baby and the mother is an essential factor that determines the future development of the child. So now that you have brought in this little angel into the world, take all the efforts to make its life a memorable journey.